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BioMan4R2 - BioManufacturing Eurocluster for Recovery and Resilience in EU

BioMan4R2 - BioManufacturing Eurocluster for Recovery and Resilience in EU

The calls for proposals under BioMan4R2 were closed on July 2, 2023. Applications can no longer be submitted. The BioMan4R2 team published the 26 grant winners. See list here

About BioMan4R project

BioMan4R2 Euroclusters project (acronym for “BioManufaturing Eurocluster for Recovery and Resilience in EU”), funded under the European Single Market Programme, sees the need to adapt the existing funding in Health Sector for the scaling up of innovation, which can be done by creating funding mechanisms for every step of innovation process and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that can take leadership in biomanufacturing and medical products.

The direct objective of BioMan4R2 is to establish, develop and support long-term collaboration on the EU-level between the SMEs, investors, research, clinical and knowledge organizations, science and technology parks and other companies in biomanufacturing and medtech industries through establishing an Eurocluster and launching a targeted SME Support Programme.

Information and Matchmaking platform

This information and networking platform addresses all players in the field of biomanufacturing and medtech sectors. If you are an SME interested in developing different type of activities from collaborative innovation projects, to business transformation support, including training, travel support to explore third country market, business continuity and resilience plans, then take part in our BioMan4R2 platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to conduct virtual match-making sessions with providers or collaborators.

For whom?

SMEs, pharma and medtech companies, manufacturers, service providers, research teams, clinicians, cluster organisations focused on:

  • Biomanufacturing
  • Medical technologies
  • Resilience
  • Digitalisation 
  • Sustainability
  • Internationalisation
  • Innovation and Business Transformation

Why participate?

  • As Enterprise - find qualified European experts, suppliers and collaboration partners during effective one-to-one meetings
  • As Research & Technology Organisation - find European partners for technology transfer
  • As Product Developer - find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions
  • As Service Provider - find organizations to provide financial, education, legal, and consulting services

Matchmaking database 

The BioMan4R2 matchmaking database contains a comprehensive list of key stakeholders in the Biomanufacturing and MedTech industries of the consortium regions. These key stakeholders, including service providers, large corporations, research organizations, public institutions, and investors, can offer valuable support to SMEs looking to expand their operations and could be useful for collaboration within the BioMan4R2 SME Support Programme.


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